Lagelle, the Art of accessorizing.........: Vintage crop top + Vintage acid wash denim skirt + Ash Italia sandals

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Vintage crop top + Vintage acid wash denim skirt + Ash Italia sandals

I never thought I would be wearing anything remotely from the 80s but look at me now!  I grew up during the 80s and I recall not liking the fashions at the time especially Acid wash denim, funny right?  I guess it takes time and some peer pressure to give it a go.  Anyway this is what I wore yesterday to run some errands with the girlies <3
Vintage 80s crop top - Thrifty score
Vintage 70s belt - Thrifty score
Vintage Acid wash denim skirt - Thrifty score
Boho indie necklace - Alma Lleras Jewelery
Ash Italia sandals -


  1. You look so youthful with your hair up like this, too cute.

  2. Loving this look...the skirt is perfection!


  3. Nice summer outfit! I like the door in the background even if it's a bit weather-beaten.

  4. I love the cropped top. so cute!

  5. Funny how the acid wash finish is suddenly looking very fresh. I feel the same way about '70s styles (from my high school years)--my knee-jerk reaction is }: P But I find some of the 'grown-up' clothes from the era that I wouldn't have worn at 16 are a great way to do vintage now.

  6. Thank you LV
    @ AARPFabulous I totally agree! We are probably not the only ones that hated the fashions of our adolescents but it seems like when the come back you appreciate them more, go figure <3


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