Lagelle, the Art of accessorizing.........: Straw floppy hat + Vintage india sheer gauze dress + Free People extreme flare denim

Monday, June 11, 2012

Straw floppy hat + Vintage india sheer gauze dress + Free People extreme flare denim

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  Although summer is not officially here it's official in our household, my oldest started her summer break on Friday.  We have lots of fun things planned ie. sewing classes, bible vacation camp, swimming. library trips and our summer vacation <3
I went to two estate sales this weekend and scored some vintage goodies!  I've been getting back into estate sales but that can mean trouble.  I'm always afraid of becoming a hoarder and when the fear over takes me I start getting rid of stuff really!  I'm clearing some things out in my Etsy shop so check it out, especially the Sale section.
By the way the top I'm wearing is actually a dress that I twisted in the front and back to create a blouse.  Remember how I mentioned I don't like midi length skirts/dresses, well this dress is a midi length.  I tried belting it but I didn't like it either.  I think I prefer it as a blouse.  I couldn't resist the lovely pleated detailing, the sheer cotton fabric and overall design!
This is what I wore yesterday:
Straw Floppy hat
Vintage india dress - Antique mall
Free People extreme flare high waist denim
Vintage belt - thrifty score


  1. Love this...very bohemian chic and I need that belt.

  2. Thanx Lena, I was super thrilled when I made a thrifty score on that belt <3

  3. You have the best knack for finding the most brilliant floppy hats! Those jeans are truly something special too- goodness, I wish I were tall enough to sport a similar style. Chic as always. Sounds like your summer is jammed pack - sounds pretty similar to mine. Have a lovely week Tye!

  4. @ Marisa my secret for pulling off these jeans are my sandals with a 5" platform <3 As for floppy hats I think we both have a knack for finding some great ones!


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