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Friday, June 8, 2012

Spotlight // Frou-Frou Foxes

This is the lovely Katie of  Frou-Frou Foxes blog.  She's a natural beauty and I was smitten with her retro chic vibe and her eye lashes are to die for!  She is new to the blogging community so let's embrace her with a warm welcome! I know you will enjoy reading her interview below, have a great weekend friends <3

My name is Katie Anne. I live in southern Ontario, Canada with my partner and a kitty named Gertrude.

1.  How do you describe your personal style? i am all over the map. i definitely do a mix of girly and grunge. 

2.  Where do you find/pull inspiration from?
i love all vintage. from the 1920's-1990's, i really love it all. i watch a lot of period pieces, so whatever i have been watching generally dictates what i am wearing. i've been pretty into films of my childhood lately: can't buy me love (87), pretty in pink (86), don't tell mom the babysitters dead (91), reality bites (94). i am a big fan of mixing eras- i like to showcase vintage pieces with a modern and fresh twist.

3.  Name one fashion accessory you can't live without?

4.  I never break this fashion rule........
there are no rules. 

5.  Your next must have purchase?
gladiator boots. like 60's style. 

6.  Most underrated item in women's wear?
nightgowns- they shouldn't always be saved for bedtime

7.  For all the fashionistas, provide one piece of invaluable fashion advice:
oh geeze... i don't know! don't take yourself so seriously. getting dressed should be fun. it is all so silly, really. be your own person. wear what you want and what makes you comfortable. and don't judge people. fashion is so subjective and creative. we all see it differently. that is part of the fun.  :)

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