Lagelle, the Art of accessorizing.........: Vintage 1950s cotton day dress + Vintage skinny belt + Ash Italia sandals

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Vintage 1950s cotton day dress + Vintage skinny belt + Ash Italia sandals

I was really excited when I found this dress a couple of weeks back! It's easy and simple!  It came with it's original skinny belt but I decided to wear one of my favorite skinny belts instead for contrast and to tie in my sandals.  These days I've been focused on making on my vintage pieces look more modern instead of looking like I came right out of a particular era (although there is nothing wrong with that if that is your thing, I tried that for a period of time ;-)  This is what I wore on Sunday:

Vintage 1950s cotton day dress - Avalon Exchange Pgh
Vintage skinny belt - Thrifty score 
Vintage jewelry - Etsy, Ebay, Thrift & 2nd hand boutique
Ash Italia sandals -


  1. Cute dress and I agree. I'm all about making the vintage still look present day and modern.

  2. Thanx chica, we all go through our journey in fashion rt?

  3. what a lovely vintage dress! I love it.How I wish you took a close up on the bustier

    Im your newest follower on bloglovin, fb and gfc dear. Lets keep in touch

  4. @ Girl Lilikoi I'll be sure to take close-ups next time! btw I'm following your blog now too <3

  5. Very cute, I love it. There are so many ways to wear vintage and I love experimenting and trying different looks x

  6. this sundress is incredible. one of my favourite all time styles. looks so great on you!

  7. Holy moly Tye - That dress is an amazing fit on you! I really love everything about it and how you dressed it down and made it modern with the sandals. (I would never have thought of this). All that detailing on the top part is so gorgeous! xx

  8. @ Teri you are absolutely rt, there are so many ways to wear vintage <3
    @ Katie thanx ;-)
    @ Marisa I luv your comments, you are always so giving <3


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