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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My recent findings

I'm a proud vintage collector and lover of all things old!  I think like most folks that are fascinated with old items there is something that pulls you in and brings comfort.  My story is this:  I grew up watching old classic movies with my siblings & dad, my mom is a lover of vintage goodness and I realized that things are just not made with the same quality and detail anymore so that makes me appreciate vintage items that much more.

I really appreciate the authenticity of vintage/antique items.  For me that means the nicks, beauty marks, the rust and all the imperfections that come with finding a one of a kind vintage treasure.  Now a days estate sales, thrifting and yard sales have been accepted more and more so that translates to less treasures to be found and not at a good prices ;-(  Oh well I still manage to luck out and I'm grateful when I find those beauties.

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend <3


  1. Is that a chanel bag? Nice finds.

  2. @ Sing, I wish it was a handbag! It's a vintage Chanel luxury bath powder tin.

  3. Oh ok, well that's good too. lol

  4. Yeah but I prefer the handbag lol ;-)

  5. It's like uncovering buried treasure when you score finds like this.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  6. Those are such great vintage finds! Jealous:)

  7. Although I do like new things, and sometimes reproductions of old things, nothing in the world beats an item that has a past, a history on its own, it just becomes so much more worthwhile! Love the green theme in your treasures, pretty!

  8. Aww thanx for your thoughts here Misha, have a great weekend <3


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