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Friday, May 25, 2012

Retro Beach Necessities

You are sure to look stylish and turn heads with these retro chic pieces! 1. Lagelle's Boho barefoot sandals 2. Vintage cotton mini shift dress 3. Vintage cotton zip front maxi dress  4. Vintage cotton terry cloth cover up jacket 5. RARE vintage 1940s one piece bathing suit  **All items are available via Lagelle's Etsy shop

Happy Memorial Day weekend friends <3


  1. @ LV they are actually barefoot sandals but can be worn over/on top of coordinating flip flops <3

  2. The barefoot sandals are an awesome idea, your etsy shop is adorable! Hope you are having a lovely and relaxing Memorial Day!!!
    xo Hannah

  3. Hi Hannah,
    Memorial Day weekend was great and thanx for stopping by my Etsy shop <3


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