Lagelle, the Art of accessorizing.........: Upcycle Lagelle floral crop top + DIY denim shorts + Ash Italia sandals

Friday, June 1, 2012

Upcycle Lagelle floral crop top + DIY denim shorts + Ash Italia sandals

We had a long stretch of good weather but today the rain came.  If you wonder why I comment about the weather often it's because it seems as if consistent good weather is rare for Pittsburgh but I'm not complaining about the rainy because it's what we need.  I do love the rain showers this time of year because they are often short lived and then the sun usually comes out <3

This is what I wore yesterday:
Lagelle's upcycle floral cotton top
Pink cotton tank top - Thrifty score
DIY denim cut-off shorts - Originally thrifted
Ash Italia sandals -


  1. that floral top is so pretty, i love the crochet detail


  2. You look so cute, love your curly hair, nice summer style.

  3. Thank you Jessica & Sing! Have a fabulous weekend <3

  4. nice post dear,keep posting ;))
    come and visit me
    if you like we can follow each other via bloglovin

  5. Ah that little upcycled top is a dream Tye! I love it:)
    I'm in the middle of a denim shorts DIY too right now - you've styled yours perfectly here.
    Our weather on the other side of the state is quite manic too. Wishing you some more sunshine! xx Marisa

  6. Cute top. I love the pattern and detailing

  7. Thank you kindly Marisa, Viewrama and Girl Lilikoi <3

  8. you look stunning!!



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