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Friday, February 10, 2012

Now Trending: Wear what looks good on you!

I'm big on promoting what looks good on each person's individual body type and not forcing fashion trends that don't look good on most folks.  I think it's important to choose and wear clothes that make you feel confident.  It's always a plus to score those clothes at reasonable & affordable prices!  These days I really try to buy quality, classic and chic pieces because that works for me <3  I shop mostly at 2nd hand upscale boutiques, consignment shops, thrift stores, estate sales, ebay and Etsy etc.  I've never really been a mall shopper. **I love to help others with my services as a personal stylist to revamp their wardrobe and come up with new looks that will boost each individual's personal confidence.  Sometimes it's simple as going through your closet and eliminating pieces that don't work well and mix and matching pieces that do.  Feel free to contact me at to schedule an appointment today <3  I'm wearing:

Floppy hat - Toronto, Canada
Vintage silk blouse - thrifty score
Vest - Avalon Exchange 2nd hand store
Vintage belt - 2nd hand boutique
Hanii Y leather jacket -
Jbrand high rise denim - Ebay


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