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Monday, February 6, 2012

Could Spring come early?

I've been enjoying on again off again spring like weather in Pittsburgh and hoping that Spring comes early this year!  I'm pleased to share that most of my ensemble  is thrifted except the hat and booties.  It was a long weekend without my hubby but I made it through and he's home now safe and sound, yeah!  I hope you  enjoyed your weekend <3 This is what I wore yesterday:
Liz Claiborne Cloche - Lord & Taylor
Vintage Silk blouse - thrfity score
Vintage crop jacket - thrifty score
Vintage high waist wool trousers - thrifty score
Marni booties - Neiman Marcus last call outlet
Vintage belt - 2nd hand shop


  1. Thanx Sing, how's the weather in CHicago?

  2. Very mild, it's been a great winter.

  3. Oh really, I'm afraid what you consider mild might be freezing cold for me lol <3


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