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Monday, February 20, 2012

The floppy hat = A staple accessory

It seems like blogging and finding time to take photos of my ensembles is getting harder.  Last week was tough because I was not inspired, not feeling good and morning the death of Whitney Houston.  It's amazing how someone you never meet can have that much of an impact on your life.  I grew up listening to her music and her music meant a lot to me.  I'm not sure if any of you can relate to this?  Anyway I'm not too good at writing but this is my personal blog and I thought I would share. As for the title of my post, I didn't realize how much wear I would get out of this lovely floppy hat!  This is what I wore yesterday:

Floppy hat - Toronto 
Blouse - Toronto
Vintage scarf - Estate sale
Maxi skirt - Free People
Vintage cinch belt - Thrifty score
Cole Hann boots - Off Saks 5rh
Vintage bangles - Estate sales/thrifty scores


  1. Totally feeling you on Whitney. The Greatest Love Of All was the first song I memorized and sang and my kinder graduation. She was my favorite artist and just a beautiful woman, so I felt that one, a true sting.
    Love your skirt, it's fantastic.

  2. Thanx Sing for your sharing, I hope you are well <3

  3. Much better. Now I just need to get inspired to take some pictures again. Thanks for asking.

  4. @ Sing good to hear, take care sweet girlie <3


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