Lagelle, the Art of accessorizing.........: November 2011

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

See you in Chicago!

On the road again! I'm excited to be a vendor at this year's Renegade Holiday Craft Fair this Sat. & Sun. in Chicago,IL  If you live in the Chicago area I hope you will come out and bring a friend so I can meet you!  See ya then <3

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Lagelle is Toronto bound!

**If you live in the Toronto area I hope to see you there.  Happy Thanksgiving! <3

Monday, November 21, 2011

It's become a staple accessory

My GAP floppy hat that I purchased on sale in the girls dept. a couple of years back has become a staple accessory for me. I've noticed it's become my go to hat for the pass several ensembles.  I was inspired to create this look via the Free People holiday catalog I recently received in the mail.  I really enjoy being more relaxed & carefree when getting dress but sometimes I really want to look sloppy cool, I'm not sure if you can relate to that feeling?  However I always come off with a more polished version of what inspires me.  I think it's because I like order in my life and it spills over in how I pull and style my ensembles.  Details are so important to me and so no matter how much I appreciate the Boho grunge look I don't know if I could let myself walk out the house that way?  Anyway this is what I wore yesterday:

GAP floppy hat
French Connection silk blouse - thrifty score
Oversize sweater - Off 5th Saks
Vintage silk scarf - thrifty score
High waist bell cords - Anthropologie
Vintage bangles - various locals
Skinny belt - Anthropologie
Vintage 1940's peep toe heels - Ebay

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Spotted: Zandra Rhodes wearing a Lagelle Cloche

So the cat is out of the bag! I had the opportunity to meet Zandra Rhodes last week at a fashion event being held at Larrimor's in Pittsburgh,PA.  If you're asking who is Zandra Rhodes you must have been hiding in a cave for the last 40years lol!  As if she needed an intro. but I will do my best to tell you a little bit about this wonderful international famous British designer.  She launched her career in 1967 with her own shop, in 1969 one of her collections was featured in American Vogue, in 1977 she earned the title "Princess of Punk" because of  a pink and black jersey collection she pioneered.  She continues to have a successful career in the world of fashion but it doesn't stop there.  Zandra also designs costumes and sets for operas internationally, which brings me to why she is gracing our presence here in Pittsburgh.  She is currently here designing the sets and costumes for The Pearl Fishers opera.  Last week she took a break from her busy schedule to give some valuable advice to young designers and Art Institute students about getting started in the fashion industry.  I had the privilege of being featured as one of the local designers.  She modeled a red/black Lagelle Cloche and loved it!  I felt compelled to say thank you by giving her the very hat she modeled.  She's been wearing it proudly here in Pittsburgh ever since (as shown above). 

I'm still on that high and taking that momentum to my upcoming shows in Toronto,Canada and the Renegade show in Chicago,IL.  I will be posting more info on these events soon.

Monday, November 14, 2011

I'm really a boho kind of gal

I had a great weekend filled with friends & family supporting my at my first event of the season. It went well but now I have to replenish my sold items and get ready for my next two shows ;-)  I will be posting some photos of that fashion event I eluded to during my last post (I'm really excited to share, soon).  This is what I wore yesterday.
GAP floppy hat
Vintage Saks 5th Ave. sweater - thrifty score
H&M suede vest - Avalon Exchange Pittsburgh
Vintage bangles - various places
Boho necklace - Alma Lleras jewelry
Vintage india wrap skirt - Ebay
Lagelle fairisle handwarmers
Steve Madden ankle cowboy boots - Lord & Taylor
Vintage sterling silver rings - various places

Monday, November 7, 2011

I see color always

I have a busy week ahead of me: fashion event tonight at Larrimors Pittsburgh, a much needed hair cut on wed. and my 1st art show in Sewickley,PA. Obviously I'm just listing what I personally have going on but there's a doctor appt. for the girls (just a check up) on friday and my big girl has ballet & swimming too this week (well every week).  My baby was sick last week so that made it a tough week and sleeping was hard to attain uninterrupted.  I share all this to keep it real ;-)  This what I wore yesterday:

GAP floppy hat
BR white dress shirt
JCrew cashmere sweater - thrifty score
Lagelle poncho
GAP belt
Hudson wide leg denim - Avalon Exchange Pgh
Miu Miu pucci print platform sandals - Ebay
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