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Monday, November 21, 2011

It's become a staple accessory

My GAP floppy hat that I purchased on sale in the girls dept. a couple of years back has become a staple accessory for me. I've noticed it's become my go to hat for the pass several ensembles.  I was inspired to create this look via the Free People holiday catalog I recently received in the mail.  I really enjoy being more relaxed & carefree when getting dress but sometimes I really want to look sloppy cool, I'm not sure if you can relate to that feeling?  However I always come off with a more polished version of what inspires me.  I think it's because I like order in my life and it spills over in how I pull and style my ensembles.  Details are so important to me and so no matter how much I appreciate the Boho grunge look I don't know if I could let myself walk out the house that way?  Anyway this is what I wore yesterday:

GAP floppy hat
French Connection silk blouse - thrifty score
Oversize sweater - Off 5th Saks
Vintage silk scarf - thrifty score
High waist bell cords - Anthropologie
Vintage bangles - various locals
Skinny belt - Anthropologie
Vintage 1940's peep toe heels - Ebay

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