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Monday, November 14, 2011

I'm really a boho kind of gal

I had a great weekend filled with friends & family supporting my at my first event of the season. It went well but now I have to replenish my sold items and get ready for my next two shows ;-)  I will be posting some photos of that fashion event I eluded to during my last post (I'm really excited to share, soon).  This is what I wore yesterday.
GAP floppy hat
Vintage Saks 5th Ave. sweater - thrifty score
H&M suede vest - Avalon Exchange Pittsburgh
Vintage bangles - various places
Boho necklace - Alma Lleras jewelry
Vintage india wrap skirt - Ebay
Lagelle fairisle handwarmers
Steve Madden ankle cowboy boots - Lord & Taylor
Vintage sterling silver rings - various places


  1. And I love this kind of style.

  2. Oh I love this! That skirt is amazing!

  3. Thanx ladies!
    @SlambTheJam how are you? <3


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