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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Spotlight // Virginie's Cinema Style profile

This is the lovely Virginie of Virginie's Cinema blog.  I came across her flickr photo stream and instantly was inspired by all of her stylish looks so I'm excited to share her style profile with you. Be sure to check out her blog <3

My name is Virginie, I am French Canadian, I live in Québec city and  work as a movie producer. Last year I quit my job at a filmmakers art center to start my own production company. I make movies with my husband and artists that inspire me. I have big dreams and use clothes as a way to achieve them. I blog about personal style, being a small business owner and enjoying the magical things in life!
1. How do you describe your personal style?

I would say romantic with a pop twist. I am mainly inspired by the French New Wave era and Japanese pop culture.

2. Where do you find/pull inspiration from?

I get a lot of inspiration from blogs and I read a lot of them! Otherwise I mostly inspire myself from my life and the beautiful things around me (I listen to my heart a lot). Nature is a huge inspiration,as are movies, which are really an extension of life.

3. Name one fashion accessory you can't live without?

I have to say tights (but leg wear in general) because I live in a cold climate and wear mostly dresses. They come in all colours, textures and patterns and can make a huge difference to an outfit!

4.  I never break this fashion rule.....
I can’t think of any… I’m willing to try anything once!
5. Your next must have purchase?
I can’t pick just one! I think it’s important to have a well balanced wardrobe and right now mine is lacking a fabulous watch and another great coat for the colder months.
6. Most underrated item in women's wear?
The right underwear maybe? Makes a huge difference.
7. For all the fashionistas, provide one piece of invaluable fashion advice.
Be creative and have fun!
But from a more practical place I would say: pay attention to proportions because you can wear anything if you play the proportions right and only buy items you can remix into at least 5 outfits. A flexible wardrobe = bliss!

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