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Friday, August 26, 2011

Just Casual

I realize I haven't posted a casual look in a while.  Yesterday I went to pick up a pair of shoes at the shoe repair and the shoe repair guy asked where are you going?  It's interesting how if you look half way decent you must have some special place to go, well not for me!  I like to look and feel my best always!  This is what I wore:
Earrings - Indian Pow Wow
Vintage necklace - Ambiance 2nd hand boutique
Tank - Designer Days 2nd hand boutique
Silk Shawl wrap (new w/tags) - thrifty score
Earl jeans - Avalon exchange Pgh
Vintage bangles - Estate sales/thrifty
Miu Miu platform wedges - Choices boutique Pgh


  1. Great look. I love the stacked bangles. I came across your blog via Flickr. Great playlist! Arrested Development brings me back to my college days since I listened to them religiously and saw them live in 1993! ~Val

  2. Totally feel you on that.
    Love your casual look.

  3. @ Miss Val's thank you kindly! I love Arrested Development <3
    @ Sing have a great weekend ;-)

  4. Hahaha that's funny- people do seem to think you're going somewhere special if you dress even a little nicer than normal! I really like your outfit, the heels make it something special :)

    And thank you soooo much for my style profile: I will be linking it on my next blog post :)

    x x x

  5. Thank you Estelle! And your very welcome <3

  6. Wow, you look absolutely stunning! Those colors suit you so well. I wish I could look awesome as you while I'm dressed casually!

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