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Monday, June 6, 2011

Feelin boho chic

My pictures came out grainy, I think it was becuz it was late in the day perhaps?  Anyway we've been experiencing some awesome sunshine lately in Pgh and I'm afraid it's going to end soon!  This is what I wore yesterday.
Old GAP tank
Vintage beads + Turquoise pendant
Vintage 1970s handmade skirt - Ebay at it's finest
Miu Miu sandals - Avalon Exchange
Vintage Bangles - thrifty/ebay
Mosaic ring - indie designer/friend Alma


  1. Love it! That skirt is gorgeous. I have a vintage long maxi I'm waiting to wear, love how you styled yours, I'm inspired.

  2. Great look, love boho chic! - Vonetta

  3. ebay at its finest is right. that skirt is amazing!

  4. @ indie.electronic.alternative I've been shopping on ebay more lately ;-)

  5. Looking so good. Love this. Love the simple eye makeup with your bright lip color. xo

    strawberry freckleface

  6. thank you kindly strawberry freckleface!


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