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Monday, May 30, 2011

Maxi time!

Happy Memorial Day!  With my recent pledge to buy only/mostly 2nd hand I'm happy to say that this entire ensemble was purchased 2nd hand. I was super excited to find this skirt (super score)!  I'm wearing:
Vintage linen blouse - Etsy
White tank - Designer Days 2nd hand boutique
Vintage belt - thrifty score
Antique watch chain - Ebay
Vintage 1940s skirt - Avalon Exchange
Miu Miu sandals - Avalon Exchange
Ring - Avalon Exchange


  1. so pretty!!!! I love this outfit! and if I make it back to the dunes I will definitely wear your things there! They are 5 hours away though, quite a long trip. Good to hear from you!!


  2. sounds good Jana, wow 5hrs is a long trip indeed!

  3. What a beautiful outfit. Your skirt is especially striking!

  4. Thanx Cindy, I appreciate it! ;-)


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