Lagelle, the Art of accessorizing.........: Vintage polka dotted bolero + Gap tank + Vintage high waisted denim skirt

Monday, August 26, 2013

Vintage polka dotted bolero + Gap tank + Vintage high waisted denim skirt

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       the look:      

Gap tank top
Vintage 1940's polka dotted bolero
Vintage high waisted denim skirt - Thrifty score
Pony hair leather sandals - Choices boutique

       the details:      

Hair braided
Assorted bangles
Vintage belt - Thrifty score

       the lowdown:       

Today was the first day of preschool for my baby girl and tomorrow is the first day for my oldest daughter, she's entering the 4th grade.  I can't believe summer is wrapping up.  We went thrifting today and scored some great duds for back to school and just because.  I'm headed to work this evening at Madewell, we're receiving a lot more Fall shipment today.  I'm excited to see what we got.

I wore this ensemble to work at Madewell last Friday.  I realized my retro chic look after pulling it all together.  I've been trying to prefect my hair braided this way for a while and I'm happy how it turned out.

Happy Monday!


  1. Cute outfit! Love your braid!

  2. I'm loving everything high-waisted these days! Love this look on you and hope your littles are enjoying their time back in school!


  3. I love the jacket and your hair!

  4. the 40s blouse is so adorable! you make this unique piece look so modern. i would wear it right away ...


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