Lagelle, the Art of accessorizing.........: Vintage silk Dior scarf + Vintage Henri Bendel blazer + Vintage wide leg trousers

Friday, July 26, 2013

Vintage silk Dior scarf + Vintage Henri Bendel blazer + Vintage wide leg trousers

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       the look:      

Benetton mock neck
Vintage Henri Bendel boyfriend blazer - Ebay score
Vintage high waisted wide leg trousers - Thrifty score

       the details:      

Vintage Christian Dior silk scarf - Thrifty score
Vintage statement necklace - Antique mall
Vintage Chanel sunnies - Ebay score
Hoop earrings - Off 5th Saks
Assorted bangles
Assorted rings - Madewell + Jan Michaels

       the lowdown:      

It was another beautiful day weather wise and a great day overall yesterday!  I can't believe it's Friday already!  I wore this ensemble to the Fashion Group International reception that was held at my alma mater, the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. The Fashion Group International is a global, non-profit, professional

organization geared towards the fashion industry including 

apparel, accessories, beauty and home. It was a great turn out and I look forward to Pittsburgh's chapter.
I pulled this look for a previous event weeks ago but opted for another ensemble for that event due to the heat at the time.  The weather was just perfect to adorn this retro chic ensemble.  I love 70s inspired looks and that is exactly what I was channeling when I pull this look together.  I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful weather and have a great weekend!



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