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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I never thought.................

I never thought I would like to wear animal print anything, seriously I've been against it for as long as I can remember but look at me now <3  I've been looking for a lovely silk animal print blouse during my thrifting outings and scored this one a week ago. Just to share, I particularly love when great quality leather boots have a great fit in the ankle area and these boots which are over ten years old were given to me as a Christmas gift via my  awesome hubby early in our marriage have that great ankle fit detail.  This it what I'm wearing:
Silk blouse - Thrifty score
Vintage silk scarf - Estate sale
American Apparel high waist skirt - Swirl Deals by Daily Candy
Vintage belt
Spanx tights
Black leather boots - NYC
Vintage bangles - Mostly thrifted


  1. I love it!! I'm diggin animal print too!

  2. @ Marie thank you & Happy New Year <3

  3. I love that top! Super cute and definitely a score! Love the whole outfit!

  4. aww This is great! I'm not usually fond of animal prints but it is truly lovely!


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