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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Style profile // Victoria of Justice Pirate

This is the lovely Victoria of the Justice Pirate !

I am happy to introduce myself as Victoria from northern NJ. I am a homemaker/mom of two sons (one whom I homeschool pre-k to). I am also a volunteer youth leader at my church for kids aged 11-18. I do side freelance photography jobs. I'm the co-owner of Ruby Eyed Okapi ; a site that promotes modesty & purity to an overly-sexualized world (we also have a tumblr to promote modesty through regular bloggers' outfits).

How do you describe your personal style?
My personal style is so varied but usually always vintage. I love wearing 1930s-1970s clothing. A lot of people tell me I dress with a Mori style or prairie style or retro styles. I see each of them. Overall I just like dressing modestly.

Where do you find/pull inspiration from?
I think I mainly find inspiration from a mixture of My mom from the 60s&70s, Pippi Longstocking, Sandra Dee, Doris Day, Anne Shirley, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Susan Dey, The Waltons (mainly Mary-Ellen!), and classic Doctor Who companions from the 1970s (Romana I&II, Leela, Sarah-Jane Smith, and Jo Grant).

Name one fashion accessory you can't live without?
I honestly am not one who is into material possessions honestly but I truly love putting flowers in my hair (be it fake or real).

I never break this fashion rule........
I didn't know fashion had rules. I just always liked to be me even if it didn't go with the current trends (which is why for a couple decades I was mocked for how I dressed because it didn't fit in with my peers' fashion sense). If I were to create a rule, I'd say I NOW try to dress with the concern of if my clothing would cause a man to lust or not. I think it is good to be cautious of other people's struggles with lust and try to help them from stumbling into sexual sin, because I've known many guys who have come out of or still have lust and porn addictions.

Your next must have purchase?

I don't think I need anything, so I don't have to have anything and really haven't bought anything in a couple of months.

Most underrated item in women'swear?

I think slips (full & half) and petticoats are too under-rated. They are amazing to wear and are especially helpful when it is windy out. I don't really know how girls can NOT wear them! They make me feel so much more comfortable!

For all the fashionistas, provide one piece of invaluable fashion advice.

When you are into dressing modestly, keep in mind that you are not better than anyone else because you might seem more concerned about how your appeal can harm someone else or because your ideals are to keep your body for the enjoyment of your mate alone. Instead make sure that you are kind to all people even if they wear hardly anything, because most of them are unaware of the power of their clothing and bodies. They may have no idea that what they wear truly can have an affect on someone else. Be patient with others and loving and try to help them but don't tell them what they should and shouldn't wear. It is a heart issue and in time they will learn to be more cautious. Be a role model in how you dress and perhaps it can encourage them to cover up a little more.

**This woman is awesome, I luv her convictions!!!!!


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