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Monday, May 16, 2011

Exciting weekend

I ran my 1st 5k this Sat.  I was able to finish the 3mile run within 30minutes, I thought that wasn't too bad being a 1st timer & all.  My main goal was to run it without stopping to walk and I was able to accomplish that.  This is what I wore on Sunday:
Ann Taylor linen blazer - thrifty score
Vintage linen blouse - thrifty score
J brand high rise skinny jeans - Anthro
Coco Chanel heels - Ambiance 2nd hand boutique
Antique watch chain - ebay
bracelets - gift
Ring - Avalon Exchange Pittsburgh


  1. congratulations on your 5K! So proud of you to do so well the first time. You go girl! Love your whole look, but the color of the top and your shoes stand out nicely. Thats a great color for you:-)

  2. Aww thank you kindly LV, I appreciate your encouragement!


  3. Love this outfit ! Your blog is always really inspiring !

  4. @ Cuteredbow thank you kindly!

  5. love how you paired your mustard yellow top with the white blazer! Such a perfect combination, great look. Please check out my blog if you get a chance and follow me if you like!


  6. What a beautiful necklace!

  7. Thank you @ Moni & Christine!

  8. I just discovered your blog and I love all your vintage pieces. I will be checking back.

  9. @ Sing thank you and come back anytime!

  10. @ Vintage process thank you!


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