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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Abbey of The Messenger Bag Style Profile

Abigail // Abbey Nyirenda and I'm a student/artist in my own right.
blog// The Messenger Bag

1. My personal style can simply be described as minimalist. I think it's equally as beautiful and with the right accessories you can make a very plain and simple outfit into something special.

2. I find inspiration in everything, most of the time I get annoyed when I get ideas and I have to put them down when I just want to relax. But I keep getting ideas and ways to do certain things, my mind is a jungle you wouldn't want to be in

3. An accessory I can't live without is rings, they are very simple statement, but I also have become a fan of those bead bracelets for a while now. Sadly my wrist is small and needs custom made ones so I don't get the chance to buy them often.

4. I never break this fashion rule: wearing too many accessories, it's something I can do. Sometimes wearing a lot of accessories works but that depends on the accessories and there are sometimes when just one accessory is just perfect.

5. I have a lot of new purchases to make, since I recently cleared some clothes from my closet to take to the thrift store. But my next must have purchase is a pair of black pumps, you can never go wrong with those. Also a corset, moccasins, checker shirt and wedge pumps to name a few that I have my mind set to buy. Oh yeah, Micheal Kors over-sized gold wrist watch.

6. Hmmm... that's a hard one. I think those outfits that are a must have in every woman's wardrobe are underrated at times.

7. Don't let trends rule you, and that's one thing that the industry never emphasizes on because of marketing. As lovely as a trend is, it doesn't work for everyone and if a trend works for you and it's over, doesn't mean you can't wear it anymore. Trends always come back.

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