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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Vintage Fur Lux

Saturday night out, originally uploaded by cuestaray.

I hope not to offend anyone by wearing this vintage fur coat but I absolutely love it & would never buy real fur now ;-)

I'm wearing:
Lagelle knit hat
cashmere t-neck sweater
vintage fur coat
Bennetton skirt
wide belt BR
VS fishnets
Miz Mooz boots


  1. cute, love the fur matched with one of your hats!

  2. Its beautiful and I love the shape! Perfect.

  3. you're always styling! love hat faux fur lux! awsome boots!

  4. Love it! I have a vintage blonde mink jacket that is shaped almost just like that!!!

  5. dear - you looked so beautiful with that coat and hat!!! i am still not yet starting my documentation for fall wardrobe yet! still trying to finish with my spring/summer outfits, hopefully will get to fall before it turns itself into winter :-) xoxo

  6. You're the picture of cold weather prettiness, my dear! Love the cropped length of that coat - so vintagely wonderful :)

    Tons of hugs, my friend!
    ♥ Jessica

  7. You look darling, my dear! Love the faux fur jacket!

  8. This is soooo gorgeous on you!

    It is funny that you said that....i am an insanely strict vegetarian diet wise, but I so own leather shoes. This weekend, my grandmother gave me a vintage fur coat (very similar to yours) that my grandfather bought for her in the 50s! I was floored that she gave it to me, and I didn't even think twice about is being fur. I think vintage fur is much different than purchasing modern made fur!

  9. You look gorgeous as always....and you know, while I'm vehemently opposed to new fur, vintage fur doesn't bother me as much. I feel like i would hate to see it go to waste, and have the poor lil critter die in vane.

    You are always a stunner my dahlink!

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