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Monday, October 19, 2009

Lulu Letty Style Profile

Maria Confer, artist/blogger. You can check out her fabulous blog here: Lulu Letty

1. How do you describe your personal style?

I feel like my style can be described in two different ways: 1) Preppy with lots of classic sportswear pieces and 2) Vintage Girlie with lots of floral print dresses, vintage furs and hair bows. The two looks are often combined.

2. Where do you find/pull inspiration from?

I definitely find inspiration from other bloggers. Their creativity and ingenuity really makes me rethink my wardrobe and how I pull together outfits. My second biggest inspiration comes from movies. My husband, Cole, watches movies for the scenery and architecture, and I watch them for the clothes…oh to be a costume designer.

3. Name one fashion accessory you can't live without?

Probably my glasses, because without them I’m blind. ;) But in all seriousness, my hair bows. I love them and try to incorporate them into every outfit.

4. I never break this fashion rule...
Rules are meant to broken. I just always try to look classy and pulled together. That’s my rule.

5. Your next must have purchase?

I’m coveting this faux fur coat from Urban Outfitters:

6. Most underrated item in womenwear?
Hmm, tough question, but I have to say hats. I adore hats and wish both men and women still wore them every day (along with gloves).

7. For all the fashionastas, provide one piece of invaluable fashion advice.
Be true to your own style. You don’t have to follow every trend, find what you love and embrace it!

She's wearing:

Green Cable Knit Boys Sweater: Brooks Brothers
Navy Duck Embroidered Corduroys: Brooks Brothers
White Polo: Lacoste
Navy and Green Tartan Bow: DIY
Brown Bow Heels: Zara


  1. Thanks so very much for featuring me!! I truly appreciate it.


  2. Thanks for the interview. She has amazing style and its always so interesting to find out about other bloggers.

  3. Love her style - so fun and whimsical! The pants are killer! Everyone can't pull off hair bows, but LuLu pulls it off beautifully! A great "get to know you" interview!

  4. Maria just keeps getting better and better by the day

  5. Lovely interview! One of my favorite bloggers!

  6. Great interview, and I love the blog, Lagelle!

  7. Great feature!!!! I love Maria! Your blog is adorable...and those HATS!!!! oh my heart just about stopped when I saw so cute! Off to take a closer look...I so need some new cozy hats!

  8. Great interview! Thank you for featuring her!

  9. Thanks for this insightful interview. I always enjoy reading more about Maria.

  10. Thank U ladies again for taking time to read the interview & leaving comments! ;-)

  11. Wonderful article and photo, I was instantly struck by how she resembles a Hollywood starlet in a casual, but still wildly chic, pants and sweater combo circa 1930s-40s. Your interviews are a joy, thank you for treating us to them.

    Big hugs!
    ♥ Jessica


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