Lagelle, the Art of accessorizing.........: Vintage crochet apron top + DIY cut off shorts + Ash Italia sandals

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Vintage crochet apron top + DIY cut off shorts + Ash Italia sandals

I find joy in wearing things in unconventional ways, for example this top is simply a vintage apron that I pinned in the middle with a vintage brooch to wear as a top.  It has all of the details I love such as: it simply being vintage, crochet cotton fabric and it has great drapability qualities so it was just begging me to wear it as a top <3>

I go through times when I feel like I have to think outside the box in my wardrobe and how I style items but that's just me.  Being different but yet classic is my signature. 

I hope everyone is enjoying these last days of summer.  Happy Hump Day!  I'm wearing:

Straw Floppy hat
Vintage cotton crochet apron as a top - Estate sale
DIY cut-off shorts - Thrifted as jeans
Ash Italia sandals -


  1. Nice idea. You look so cool.

  2. Thanx Sing, I've really loving your DIYs <3

  3. Love this ensemble! I'd die for a top like that, and the whole look just is fabulous on you!

    the Reverie blog

  4. Thanx Sarah you're too sweet <3

  5. AH! your posts have been so lovely. i have been off the computer so long, but it has been a treat catching up on your posts.
    hope you are enjoying summer pretty lady!

  6. You are queen of restyling pieces like that Tye! Brilliant. The little scalloped hat truly has my heart :) xo Marisa

  7. You are so creative! I'd never think to wear an apron as a top.

    That hat is fab, so perfect for summer!


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