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Monday, September 19, 2011

Sophisticated Chic is a great discription for me usually

I've been able to pull out some of my beloved Fall/Winter items because we've been experiencing some cooler temperatures as of late in Pittsburgh.  I get super excited these days when my entire ensemble is 2nd hand and pretty much this one was!  This is what I wore yesterday:
Vintage 1950s knit blouse - Avalon Exchange
Vintage silk scarf - thrifty score
Vintage wool blazer - Avalon Exchange
Vintage Calvin Klein belt - Designer Days 2nd hand boutique
Jill Sander wool trousers - Ambiance 2nd boutique
Vintage brown booties -


  1. Wow what a great look! I love all these pieces, reminds me of Diane Keaton's style.

  2. Thanx Sing, Diane Keaton is a pretty classy lady <3

  3. Very office formal look but very stylish! We love the pants and the blazer. Beautifully put up ensemble.

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  4. Lovely blog! Great pics! Check out my blog and follow! I 'll follow yours back! Feel free to leave a comment as well!

  5. I like a lot your pants!
    I have a giveaway at my blog! Maybe you are interested in! :)


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