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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Spotlight // Strawberry Freckleface style profile

This is the ever so stylish chica, Casey of Strawberry Freckleface blog.
My name is Casey, I work as a hairstylist & makeup artist at a prestigious salon here in Nebraska. We're actually featured in Elle magazine the last 2 years in a row for being in the top 100 salons in the entire US. There are over 100 salons in this big thank you to Elle. On top of being a stylist, I am also a Beachbody coach where I motivate & show people how to get fit. I work out 5-6 days a week.

1. How do you describe your personal style?
I would say my style is a mix and match of a lot of things. It really depends on my mood that day, honestly. Some days I feel like dressing more 90s baggy-top-high-wasited-cut-offs grunge when other days I like to put a dress on and throw some boots with it. Overall, I would say my style is alternative meets bohemian meets mash-up of everything else. I like mixing patterns and textures and adding TONS of jewelry. Always jewelry.

2. Where do you find/pull inspiration from?
I read a lot of blogs, and being a hair stylist, I have to keep up with fashion and trends. So I pull my inspiration from there and really just looking around. And movies and tv. Older movies/tv mostly. For now we will say Daria, My So Called Life, and maybe a little 5th Element in there as well.

3. Name one fashion accessory you can't live without?
Jewelry. Hands down. I pile it on every day. I did a post awhile back showing where I live, and it turns out I own a LOT of jewelry. Too many pictures taken of just my jewelry collection.

4. I never break this fashion rule........
Rules! That's what I don't break. Having fashion rules. No rules for me.

5. Your next must have purchase?
The next thing I would like to purchase are some summer boots. Something low cut, that goes with almost everything...especially cut-off jean shorts. I have been searching, but I haven't found that perfect pair yet. Any ideas?

6. Most underrated item in women'swear?
Undergarments! Bralettes, things that go under tops. Everyone loves to wear a sheer top, but it's hard to find something to wear underneath it. Personally, I don't want to wear a tank top under a sheer top. So, strappy bralettes and funky bandeaus are a must.

7. For all the fashionistas, provide one piece of invaluable fashion advice.
Be fun. Be different. Don't completely follow trends, find something within those trends that you can take from it, and make it your own. And confidence is KEY. You can look great in a potato sack if you are confident in it. :-)


  1. nice interview! I love her blog. And i'm excited for the hats!!:)


  2. Hey Jana, me too! I'm sending them to you by next week, I will email you very soon about the details <3


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