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Monday, May 9, 2011

I took the pledge to mostly thrift!


I had a lovely Mother's Day weekend w/my family! I enjoyed lunch after church & them some awesome Coffee Lover's ice cream at Coldstones!  So about the title of my post, I decided a couple of weeks back to mostly purchase all of my clothing via thrifting/ebay and or Etsy.  Knowing my exact measurements helps when purchasing clothing via these venues.  Since I love to update & or add to my clothes often it's more economical to shop via the venues I mentioned.  It's shopping smartly not unless your related to Donald Trump!  The ensemble I wore above for Mother's Day was mostly thrifted for under $10 excluding my shoes. I'm wearing:
Ann Taylor linen blazer - thrifty score
Vintage dress ? - thrifty score (& I haggled the price down to $2)
Sam Edelman wedge sandals -
Wooden bangle - Estate sale
Vintage necklace - thrifty score


  1. a lot of my outfits are pretty similar to yours.... very cheap until you add in the shoes! haha

    I really love the dress you're wearing here. It's a lovely color. your girls are both so adorable!

  2. Adorable family and awesome shoes! :)

  3. You look so pretty!!!! Your family is precious.

    Hope all is well!


  4. @SlambTheJam thank you kindly!
    @Jana thanx chica, I'm working on the hats for the styling shoot for you.

  5. that dress is amazing on you. love your outfit, what a sweet family photo! happy belated mothers day :)


  6. This is a beautiful dress and I really also think your kids are so beautiful! aw. They have great smiles!!!

  7. I'm totally in love with your blog. This outfit is amazing! Take a look at my blog:

  8. That outfit is so beautiful!!! I love the color. Your girls are darling, too!
    Hugs, Cindy


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