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Monday, February 21, 2011

Black & Grey Classic

I've been finding myself wearing lots of black lately, hmm perhaps becuz it's flattering not sure?  I've been on an anti inflammatory diet to help w/some skin issues and it feels good but has been a struggle.  I believe it's said if you keep at something for 30 days it becomes a habit well after all this healthy eating I can't even think about eating anything else.  I'm wearing:

Vintage necklace - estate sale
cardi - Jcrew
padded grey tee - Beklina
high waist skirt - American apparel
tights - Spanx
slouchy socks - L&T long time ago
boots - Swirl deals
Lagelle fascinator
bangles - thrifty score
belt - thrifty score


  1. Hello there, Just loving your blog, hats, clothes, and your diet Haha! I have been on a raw food diet for about a week and feel like a twenty year old at the clear and happy! I will add your blog to my blog at

  2. @Artist Victoria- u blog for Handmade in PA rt? thanx 4 ur visit & comment ;-) & hang in there w/ur raw diet, I've been on mine now for 4wks ;-0


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