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Thursday, January 13, 2011

My biggest thrifting secret is..............

I want to start thrifting regularly again so I went out today and I scored the above lootage! A sweet vintage toy highchair, a vintage blue Pyrex bowl, a pair of gently used Ecco girls sandals, a pair of girls leggins, a very cute vintage Daisy flower pin & a pair of fabulous vintage Studio Paolo bootie heels in my size 9B! So my biggest thrifting secret is to haggle/negotiate prices. That's right when I see something wrong w/an item I want to buy knowing that I can fix it etc. I ask if I can have a discount on the item. I normally can get the item 1/2 off which is awesome. It might not work every time but it works most of the time for me. I even go as far as asking to speak to a manager if need be. I have some awesome thrift stores here in Pittsburgh but because thrifting has become so popular the prices at the thrift stores can be over priced in my book so haggling is always on my agenda. Thanx for reading until next time friends.


  1. Haggling, eh? I ought to try that. Most of the better thrift stores here in the valley are in our Historic District. PRICEY! I often find myself leaving with a case of buyer's remorse, or worse without something I really needed...okay wanted. I'm going to try haggling next time. I'll let you know how it goes.

    PS. The shoes are lurve...

  2. @ T-Allen Mercado Happy New Year! Thanx 4 ur visit & comment. Oh yes I would definitely try it but remember I only haggle if I see something wrong w/the item & it's priced high. Have a great weekend ;-)


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