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Friday, December 18, 2009

“Style is a Simple Way of Saying Complicated Things”

This is the amazing Jade M. Sheldon of flickr. How I would love to have her model my designs for sure! & the follwing is a direct quote from her:

"Through the wonderful world of Flickr, I have had the pleasure of meeting the talented and lovely Sarai Mitnick, designer and owner of Colette Patterns. She asked me if I would be interested in modeling some of the new patterns... How could I possibly say no? :)

The incredible photos were taken by the fabulous Lisa Warninger at Portland's Ace Hotel"


  1. beautiful post, photos, gal, and qoute. Love it all! ...and "hooray" for anything Portland related!!!

  2. She's beautiful and has such a vintage look. Great quote as well.


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