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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Lagelle hat giveaway ends today!

You still have all day today for a chance to win a Lagelle handmade original, which retails for $69! The lucky winner will be announced tomorrow. Thank you to everyone that has entered so far! To enter to win simply follow the following steps (kindly follow all):
  • Sign up to follow this blog (if not already).
  • Comment on this post.
  • Post this giveaway link to one of your social networks ie. Facebook, Twitter, Kaboodle, blogs, Myspace etc.
  • Once you've posted this blog giveaway link on one of your social networks email me at w/the link of your post.
  • In your email also include which hat from the above four you would like to win, a pic. of yourself & your shipping/mailing address.

Good luck to everyone! FYI allow a week for your package to be shipped.


  1. oh I need a chance to win a wonderful hat of yours!

  2. those are wonderful! wow. :)

    now my knitting skills look sub par hah

  3. You know I've been wanting one of your hats for like, forever! Please, let me be the lucky winner! :) I really love them all, but would go with the third one, I think.

  4. What wonderful hats!! I live north of Fargo in Canada so hats are essential items in winter - it would be lovely to have such a stylish one to wear this winter <3<3

  5. Gosh, these are such pretty hats. I need one! It is so cold over here D:

    Am I allowed to enter as I live in England?!! ;)

  6. your hats are just fabulous!! I will be following from now on!

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