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Monday, September 28, 2009

Leproust Vintage Style Profile

I'm excited about the Style Profiles I will be featuring on my blog! Here's the ever so sweet Kristin Jones of Leproust Vintage (check out her fabulous blog)!

-I am Kristin Jones, and I went to school for far too long to eventually become a speech-language pathologist. In addition, I am a seller and obsessor of vintage, and recently joined the fashion blogging world.....I love it!

1. How do you describe your personal style?
I would describe my personal style as a bit contradictory in a sense! I wear exactly what I am inspired to wear on any given day. Somedays I wear completely vintage from head to toe, and other days I wear all modern pieces. Most days I mix vintage and modern pieces and accessories.

2. Where do you find/pull inspiration from?
I literally find inspiration everywhere. I find an immense amount of inspiration from online fashion forums and publications such as flickr Wardrobe Remix, Weardrobe, Chictopia, blogs, NEET, etc. I love Asian fashion magazines, and conveniently have a friend that teaches English in Japan (who sends me a few magazines every now and then)! I also look to vintage movies for inspiration, and even architecture and old buildings.

3. Name one fashion accessory you cann't live without?
One accessory that I cannot live without is a large and chunky gold necklace that I picked up at an estate sale. It is actually a large pendant filled with elderly lady perfume! I wear it with everything!

4. I never break this fashion rule........
Hmmm....the fashion rule that I never break is not having any rules. I don't may sound cliche, but I really think anything goes! It makes fashion fun, and I feel like without the limitations of rules, fashion can be a creative and outward expression of who you are.

5. Your next must have purchase?
My next must have purchase is a Lagelle hat....the indigo pearl French beret to be exact! I was trying to decide on a color combo, and now that I have I need to buy it! I also have a few books that I intend to purchase soon: DV, and the Satorialist.

6. Most underrated item in womenwear?
The most underrated item in womenswear is a slip. I have really been into vintage slips with beautiful lace patterns adorning the bottom. Lately I have been wearing them under skirts, with just the pretty lace peeking out.

7. For all the fashionastas, provide one piece of invaluable fashion advice.
My one piece of fashion advice is to absolutely be and dress like yourself 100% of the is very freeing to not care what people think (I am finally starting to figure this out)!

She's wearing:
H&M cowl scarf
vintage belt (vintage store)
tights from Anthropologie
Vintage boots (etsy)
combination of vintage bracelets & bracelets from Urban Outftters.


  1. I adore Kristin and her blog. Wonderful interview. Plus, now I know about your gorgeous blog and shop!!

  2. Wonderful interview, Lagelle. I am a follower of the inspirational blog, LeProust Vintage. Thank you for giving me some insight into her style.

  3. Fabulous feature! I love Kristin and her gorg style. Her name is pretty cool too. Ah ha

  4. kristin is the cutest and sweetest, loved the interview!

  5. Great interview. Kristin's blog is such a treat to read and she really comes across as such a genuine person. I love her style!

  6. fantastic feature! her style is impeccable!

  7. Thanks again for featuring me!! I had such a wonderful time with this! :)


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