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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My profile shots

Playing dress ups yesterday, originally uploaded by cuestaray.

These are just a few of my favs. I took all of these myself, w/my hand held away lol.


  1. They are all beautiful [especially the one with you and your love] but I must say that the best one is the one with you and the veil. That one is really breathtaking.

  2. you are so pretty! my, these are effortless beauty. I enjoy your art in accecsroizing, esp the bows and earrings and make up ;)

  3. i love all of your hats! I was thinking of doing an entire series of just hats so you have inspired me. Thanks.

  4. Thank U for ur encouraging comments!<3

  5. Such A Beautiful Blog!! Thank you so much for commenting on mine!! I just found LeProust and am so happy I did!! It seems she has quite a nice blogging network. Your handmade neckerchiefs are really Really Great! So gorgeous! I also really like how each time you change pages on your blog a new song comes on. HOW DID YOU DO THAT???? Please tell me either by commenting on my blog or I will continue to follow yours in hopes that you post instructions!

  6. Gorgeous! You are rocking those hats like no other!

  7. Lagelle-
    Great job with taking those lovely photos yourself. Each photo is more lovely than the last. What camera do you use? And, girl, your crochet hats are really too cute!

  8. These are all so sweet! I wouldn't have assumed you took them yourself (aka, they didn't have that telltale hand held photo look, I mean). You look absolutely gorgeous in each one. Thank you for sharing your snaps with us.

    Big hugs & joyful Sunday wishes,
    ♥ Jessica


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