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Friday, June 12, 2009


Sunday Strolling with my Red dress

The Item List

1. Vintage floor length dress ....
2. Chloe sunglasses

I think that i mentioned this before: i kept some clothes of mine every since i was a teenager and back in China. i actually had back-flash of the items i discarded as i could just see how they would look nowadays... therefore, for the few i did kept, i am super cherishing and adoring them with my whole heart....

This red floor-length dress was given by a friend years ago - it is one of the most comfortable dress you can wear in summer, which explained why i would wear it days and nights, even sometimes as pajama, haha..... i really really love this picture as it's so natural and the sun is so beautiful!! the only pity was that i didn't have a nice sandals on as i was just strolling in the neighborhood sipping my coffee....

This Outfit was actually taken on May 31st, 2009, Sunday


  1. its a lovely dress, definitely perfect for summer - love the color

  2. This one caught my eye on Wardrobe_Remix too! You'd look amazing in something like this- the vibrant color, the long silhouette. Gorgeous!


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