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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Face Fab dot com

Vacation 056, originally uploaded by e_weakley.

Erika has become one of my dearest friends! She is a fashion diva & my personal skin specialist really! She is an amazing makeup artist, stylist & has one big heart! Check out her blog at & her website for all the inside scoop on having fabulous skin!


  1. Erika, awesome? Same name!!
    Thanks for your flickr comment! :)


  2. oh my what a hottie. cant even imagine you and your friends. um hello everybody, caution-gorgeous-ladies-overload!!
    xoxo/ m

  3. Absolutely stunning! And seeing her in those big shades has deepened my affections for my own. And, excuse me, is that Hello Kitty on her necklace?! This girl is all kinds of stylish!

  4. Yes Erika is a fashion Diva! check out her blog "Mindless Renderings" under Gotta love em blogs ;-)


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